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Community Highlights: Meet Filly Galan of Custom Feet Insoles, KC

Today we’d like to introduce you to Filly Galan.

Hi Filly, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
I worked six years for a well-known arch support retailer. We sold pre-molded insoles and custom fitted them to the individual clients. Over the years, I learned from each client that their individual needs were not so unique, they could be placed into particular groups. And over time, I realized that our pre-molded insoles couldn’t help everyone, no matter how many different styles we offered. I didn’t think there were any other insoles out there that could compete with our brand, I was wrong! I found a company that offered custom-made insoles on the spot, taking images of the feet and being able to mold insoles to the individual foot. I found this to be incredible, and more importantly, all for a fraction of the cost! No financing needed. That too was hard to deal with, customers having to finance their supports.

I found Custom Feet Insoles, a fairly new company based out of Florida. They had numerous vendors throughout South America, Asia, Europe, and North America. I vetted them and knew this was going to be my new path.

I love what I do, I love helping people out of their discomfort/pain. Being able to provide a great product at an affordable price is astounding. So many people suffer with problematic feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, and neck issues. Most people don’t truly understand just how important their feet are. Our feet are our foundation, they set the rest of the body in motion. When our feet hurt, we compensate or overcompensate, this will lead to issues above. These issues can show up as knee, hip, back and neck pain, to say the least.

I currently work with several medical providers by assisting them with their patients. I’m mobile and able to see their patients at their locations. I also work with businesses, who want to be proactive reducing Work Comp and Time Loss claims. If employees are suffering with problematic feet, then the compensating could lead to future claims. They invest in their employees, and they not only save on these claims but help provide a better quality of life, free from discomfort and help increase productivity! This helps with their bottom line and who doesn’t like that?

Bottom line, I love, love, love what I do! Everyday is a vacation because I love my occupation!

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
Learning how to truly help people. When I was working for my previous employer, it was about just placing the insoles under their feet and move on! Just get in and get out within 20 minutes! It was a highly pressured sales pitch and I didn’t like that! It was difficult to provide quality over quantity.

People should never feel like they’re being SOLD!

As you know, we’re big fans of Custom Feet Insoles, KC. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about the brand?
We make custom feet insoles/arch supports in 10 minutes. Most custom arch supports have to be sent out and can take up to 10 days to receive. We take a scan of the feet, see where there is pressure and the alignment of the Achilles tendon compared to the center of the heel. The best part of this process is that we not only make the insoles, but we can see how the client is walking with them. We can see firsthand how our insoles are helping and the client can feel it as well. We ask questions to make sure that the fit is what they need and if we need to make any adjustments.

Most custom insoles are not only sent out and the client has to wait to receive them, but if it doesn’t fit correctly, it usually has to be sent back. This process can be very time-consuming. And more importantly, the technician working on insoles isn’t there to see how the client is walking on them. Custom arch supports can be very expensive and no returns!

We can be found in Raytown, MO and we are mobile. Clients can easily reach us and schedule an appointment. By setting appointments, we focus on the individual and their needs. We are about quality not quantity!

We offer free adjustments and a 30 days money-back guarantee! We are not just a local business, but our brand is global and can be easily found online.

How do you define success?
When a client who has been in discomfort or pain for such a long time, that they gave up hope. We hear these types of stories all the time. When the client steps in our custom insoles and becomes emotional….. They are walking better, they can do things they couldn’t do before seeing us. We can’t top that feeling! The client is so happy and so are we. We are excited to be a part of their newfound hope for the future! We make a difference in their lives!

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