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Check Out R.L Lewis’s Story

Today we’d like to introduce you to R.L Lewis.

Hi R.L, so excited to have you on the platform. So before we get into questions about your work-life, maybe you can bring our readers up to speed on your story and how you got to where you are today?
Born spoken word artist/poet transitioned into Multi-Genre artist(rapper), my roots are hip hop.

!RTZ¿ – RE^L!$zM Th^^ZE^Lous aka R.L or Real

It all began in 2013. Having a natural ear for music. I grew up in a musical family, a family of great music taste. Classic, soul, R&B and new jack, lil bit of rap. Growing up on music from 60s-90s then as I grew older, I put an ear to early 2000s music. I had this feeling this urge eating me.

Well it came, the intuition, in a dream I awoke words were floating in my heading creating a story. I didn’t know what it was until one day in English class, I was learning about figurative language; writing styles in particular short stories and a variety of poetry styles. My talent was unlocked and formed.

Moving forward, I started studying music and writing. Learning the business. I realized this is something I need to pursue. There was this knack a rhythm and sound always buzzing in my head and heart.

I had also found the passion in dancing. I had this natural feeling of rhythm and expressed myself in both ways.

Dancing became my voice when music wouldn’t speak. To tell a story through movement is as powerful as vocally expressing it. The form of art is my backbone. (Thats why currently I am studying and getting into comedy).

So now, with a six-plus years career in music and dance. I’ve gotten where I am due to passion, self-desire, self-support and the want and will to leave my mark and legacy. I breathe, bleed music and dance.

My lyrics as you may see and/or hear, I refuse to use the word I, me, myself, etc. It is not about me it’s about them, the voiceless, those who reach out for help but not heard. Who’s Them? You fill in the blank look around open your eyes. Sit down on that sidewalk with the homeless and hear their stories.

Go to the inner cities the “ghettos” “projects” “hood”. Give ear to the single mothers and fathers. Those in broken/ dysfunctional homes. They are suffering children and adults mentally and physically. Sit with the gang members and hear them out; those locked in. They had to make an alternative decisions to survive. They have families or in a family that struggling hurting trying to figure out where they can get one meal for the day, need clothes, finances to live pay bills. Cause the job they slave at and have to do forced labor ain’t paying them their worth and sacrifice.

So I give ear and I write then give voice. P.s in a political aspect and racial.

I speak and give voice to and for us minorities. In a country that is blind or acts blind (sheeps). To the policing, racism, policies and laws created that go against screw us, jeopardize our freedom our chance of justice nor protects or give immunity; but benefits the rich, upper class, and the certain said spoken of whites.

I use my pen to speak up about the 400 year plus struggles, setbacks and lack of better terms “issues” that affect Black and Brown, Natives as well asains.

I don’t care who it offends; if your offended that must mean it affects you personally and are what I said you are.

The truth came out and you’ve been exposed.

– Thats RE^L, #RLZArts

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
Of course, there is struggles in a business of who you know vs what you know.

Quality over quantity. Having the finances can cause and can lead to setbacks. As well as your mental strength. Times I’ve lost motivation because the success didn’t come fast enough. Lack of support the hate received. Until I realized to humble myself gain patience. Then I will be able to enjoy fruits of my labor.

Few struggles that set back my dancing career is age and injuries. As well the style of dance I am involved in is criticized and seen as lesser in an industry of classic and formal. It has yet to truly gained respect for being an art form.

In music, my style and choice of genres and topic/ concepts are not the favorites in an industry the promotes and rather sell, feel good, club. As well….. lol, you know I ain’t have to put in words. (That’s another conversation)

The Conscious & lyrical is considered the played out and no one wants to hear that. Musical aspect of rap and being a true emcee has died. I’ve been quoted I’m a 90s rapper trying to music in 2020+. That is ignorance however moving forward.

I still push and believe in my morals and what message I want to bring to the mass. This is my outlet, my tool, a powerful tool; a weapon for the black man and women. I hold these rappers and singers responsible and accountable. You have an opportunity to speak up. Money and fame comes and goes; stop selling yourself for a check.

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
I am in simple terms a rapper. I classify myself as a multi-genre artist; hip hop are my roots.

I was a former street/ freestyle dancer. Known more “famously” for dancing.

I am proud of the impact and smiling face, the vibe of inspiration I give off to others when they see me perform or hear/see my work.

What sets me apart is work effort, dedication and will/desire. My unique self created style and form of music and dancing. I always believed in bring something new.

I am currently getting into comedy. I love to entertain and use my voice.

We’d love to hear about how you think about risk taking?
Well, a risk in my business and the industry I am an entity of. There are times to get a record to sell you have to make a radio play/ friendly song.

Times to show my versatility, I’ve collab with artists not of my style nor topic even genre.

Risk is a fear factor to conquer that fear you must face it head on.

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