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Rising Stars: Meet Ben Lopez

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ben Lopez.

Hi Ben, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
As you read this, I want you to be inspired and open to new possibilities because one simple decision can change your life completely. I used to work for an insurance company for about six years, but hearing my supervisor tell me that I would not get a raise only because I had not gone to lunch on time created a wave of insane changes in my life. The first change was leaving that specific department, the second change was leaving the company! Let me tell you, since that very moment, my life CHANGED forever. At the same time that I left the company, a worldwide pandemic started and my plans for a better life were starting to look a little scary.

But one thing you should know about Ben Lopez, I never give up! I am the type of person that turns almost any negative situation into a positive. So there I was, stuck at home, with no job but a big DREAM. A strong boss woman once said to me, “Burn all your ships and never look back” so that’s what I did. I dove right into what some people call fear and started the path to opening my very first own business!

Has anybody ever told you, “ when you meet the right one, you will just know”? That is exactly what happened to me when I found Microblading, I just knew it. I learned and dived into the craft like a kid at a candy store, I ate all the candy and then I kept coming back for more. So much more that I decided to take the big jump and open a studio of my own! I love my career! To me, it is more than providing a service, receiving money and doing inventory. This changed my entire life and I treated like the most valuable thing I have ever owned!

The fun begins right when I open the door and see the smile of someone new. The fun is listening to women tell me that they are inspired by what I do, to help someone see the positive when negative is all that they can see, to meet an entire family and be treated like one of their own, making decisions with a bride about what shoes to use, the time when I got to be one of the first few people to find out my client was having a baby girl or not knowing what to do when someone cried of happiness when they saw their eyebrows for the first time. To me this is very personal, it is more than just a job.

BLBKC opened its doors to the very first client in July 16th of 2020 and there are endless desires as to where we want to go. Perfecting my craft and creating beautiful eyebrows with my clients is part of the journey, helping others realize their full potential or to help people take full control of their life by helping them start a new career they love could be the final destination. But I am just following the path, I am listening for guidance and I am letting the universe, god, decide where we are going. What you read about and what you hear about could all be possibly real, but the only way to find out is to come join my journey yourself! Let’s create a beautiful set of brand new eyebrows together and who knows, you might leave seeing yourself and life in completely different.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
It was definitely not a smooth road. I went from working a nine to five job to owning a whole business overnight. I did not have guidance, no one in family has owned a business before. I pretty much had to figure it all on my own and do all the research possible. I am thankful for Google, YouTube, and pretty social media because that is what I used all along the way.

There were times where I was fully dressed, times where I did not want to speak to anyone and times where I did not want to leave my room for days. But it all made me stronger, I can look back today officially a year later and say that I would take non of it back! I am a much stronger person!

The biggest struggles I had were understanding that there is no such thing as perfect eyebrows, knowing that all bad times come with great lessons and building an understanding that building a strong foundation to have faith and to know that everything works out at the end takes time.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
I am a semi-permanent eyebrow artist. Mostly known as micro-blading, shading or tattooing. This procedure is for those who have little eyebrow hair, uneven eyebrows, pathy eyebrows or for those who just want their eyebrows to be better. It can last in your skin anywhere between six months to a year depending on the individual and lifestyle.

At BLBKC, the main focus is to work as team to create a set of eyebrows that best complements your lifestyle and facial features. It is our priority to take our time and have you be part of the creative process. We want you to not only feel confident but also proud of your brand new eyebrows!

What sets me apart from others? You would have to come see me to experience it!

I am at all times my true authentic self. I do not hold back for anyone and I love me to the fullest capacity! My story was built from hiding who I was for most of my life, pretending to be masculine to no expose my sexuality. But as I time went by, honey, I am one of the top most positive, optimistic and feminine gay guy you will ever meet! Coming to get your eyebrows done by me is a very unique experience. You are the best friend I have not seen for a whole year when you walk into my studio! Eyebrows have changed my life and I take what I do extremely serious, I take my time, I am always honest and I am with you all times after the procedure.

I am proud to be from a very small pueblo en Mexico called El Derramadero. Un ranchito where my mom did everything she could to teach me and raise to be the person I am today. We did not have much, we sometimes shared one quesadilla between six of us. But I can tell you that my childhood and where I was raised is something that makes me humble, proud and grateful for that I have today.

What was your favorite childhood memory?
One of my favorite childhood memories was waking up at 4AM with my mom to go to our local molino (grinder) to get our boiled corn turned into masa to make tortillas. I loved it because I was always the only the boy in a room full of ladies, I heard all the gossip and they all loved seeing me there, even when I was half asleep! Such beautiful memories.

This also reminds me of the love I have for my mom, such strong, independent hard working woman!!!


  • Combo Brows $495.00
  • Shading $450.00
  • Microblading $150.00
  • Follow up $150.00

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