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Hidden Gems: Local Businesses & Creatives You Should Know

Every day we have a choice. We can support an up and coming podcaster, try a new family-run restaurant, join a boutique gym started by a local fitness champ or we could keep giving away our money to the handful of giants who already control so much of our commerce. Our daily decisions impact the kind world we live in; if we want a world where small businesses are growing and artists and creatives are thriving then we should support them with our time, money and attention. We’re proud to highlight inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs each week in Hidden Gems series. Check out some of our latest local gem features below.

Maurice Stuckey

My journey started in high school with 2 of my friends. We ran a small media company and we did many projects for many artists and businesses. After graduating, I realized we were doing so much work with so little recognition that we should do things for ourselves. From that point on I came up with “New Age Heathens” or “NAH.” for short. We are a South Kansas City based brand changing the narrative on the word “Heathen”. We bring creativity to the community through our clothing, content, and media/graphic work for other businesses. 2021 was a year of major growth for me inside and outside of my collective. I found my passion for creating videos/graphic design in high school while studying journalism. I had no interest in it at first, but some things are just meant to be. I now find myself working on film and perfecting my craft. I hope one day the whole world will be able to witness and appreciate this creation. Read more>>

Carleshia Walker

I am a wife, a mother, and the proud owner of Walker Realty Co. I started my journey in real estate back in 2013. I wanted a career change as I had been working in the finance industry monitoring stock accounts for a well-known company up until then. I sat behind a computer in a very quiet office and didn’t have much conversation throughout the day. If you know me, you know that I love to talk so being in a quiet office was not doing it for me. After doing some research, I decided to enroll in real estate school and that decision changed my entire life! The first home I ever sold was to my parents and I still remember that feeling. It was a phenomenal experience for a lot of different reasons. I only sold 2 homes that year and wasn’t sure if real estate was going to work out because it seemed that no matter what I did, I could not pull in more clients. I asked for help, attended trainings, and convinced myself that I had given it my all and was moving on. I ended up going back to work for a temporary agency and almost gave up on the thought of real estate being a career for me at all. Read more>>

Madison Stills and Olivia Cruse

We met in beauty school and always worked together on clients. We built a friendship and started our journey in the industry together. When it came time for graduation, we ended up going to work at the same salon and started talking about the future. Once our friends at KC Tiny Greenhouse presented us with the opportunity to open a salon in their space, it just felt right. So we put our heart and souls into it right away and made our dreams a reality. It still seems surreal, but we wouldn’t change a thing. Read more>>

Geena Hughes

I picked up my first DSLR camera in my sophomore year of high school in 2010 and thought it would be a fun hobby. I didn’t actually purchase one of my own until 2017. The hobby turned into something I would love to make into a full time career, and I’m working towards that every day.  Read more>>

Keely Amira

I started dabbling in modeling while in high school, I’d model for students in the photography classes for their assignments. That’s when I realized that I really enjoyed modeling. But I didn’t really get into the art of it until I contacted Alyssa Ruzicka, a former classmate, to take my senior photos for me. Alyssa and I really enjoyed working together, so we continued to do shoots together just for fun. From there both of us started to build a profile on social media, and now I work with some awesome photographers in KC!. Read more>>

Chadwick Christopher

I own & operate Wreckcreation Co., a production company that specializes in photo, video & studio rental. I originally started out pursuing a music career right out of high school.. I like to write songs, but I honestly don’t enjoy performing them.I was always fascinated by the imagery that came along with the music scene. I was obsessed with artist wardrobes, album art & the rooms I was experiencing it all in. I can remember second-guessing myself a lot and doubting my potential as a musician. When it came to anything pertaining to the visual side of things, I was so focused and locked in. It was like I already had the vision waiting for me, & I never stopped to question if my ideas were any good. I just ran with them. I spent some time playing in different bands and bartending all over Kansas City as I was trying to figure out my next move. Read more>>

Ryan Youngstrom

In 2016, after my son at 9 months old received a diagnosis of Loey’s Dietz Syndrome, I picked up my paintbrush and started my first piece of refinished furniture. He required (and still does) a lot of therapies, doctor’s appointments and care which lead me to be a stay at home mama. I loved and still do love every bit of the time I get with him and now my daughter as well! ❤️ But sometimes when you spend so much time caring for others, you lose sight of YOU. So, as a way to cope with stress and express myself in a way that kept me ME, I painted! And thus began my business Lemonade Creative. Besides marrying my wonderful and VERY supportive husband, the decisions to stay at home and to pick up a paintbrush were the best decisions I have ever made! In 2019, while pregnant with my daughter, it became very difficult to move and paint as you can imagine. It was at that point I started creating designs for KC clothing. Turns out I was pretty good at that and it was a good way to express my creativity and keep that creative therapy going during that time. Read more>>

Marcus Oatis

I am a native of Kansas City and deeply care for the community. I got to experience all the joys and sorrows of growing up on the Eastside of Kansas City. But there were some things that I got to experience that were critical to helping me get to where I am today: my church community, the arts, and few specific educators who gave me a sense of value. After graduating college, I kind of broke away from my initial plans of being a principal flutist in an orchestra and decided that I was going to be a director of a dance school. So this idea lead me to pursuing a professional career in ballet. After 3 years of trying to get a job, I was offered a contract with the Kansas City Ballet. This was exciting because it got me one step closer to my goal. During my dancing career, I also took up other work and volunteer opportunities. First, I began teaching dance classes at various studios in KC. Secondly, I began volunteering at my church as a part-time Administrator. Read more>>

Robert Saia

My experiences started at a young age at 14. I had an opportunity to work with my lifelong buddy Derek Pitt, at the World Famous Topeka Zoo in Topeka, Kansas. His mother was a labor fulfillment executive, and the zoo needed young kids to be stroller boys. So I accepted, and became a stroller boy at a whopping $.10 a rental in 90 degree heat at the time. The next stage in my career at the zoo, was to be promoted into the concession stand that sold typical Fair food like snow cones, popcorn, and cotton candy. It was awesome for a young fellow, and in the off season we were vendors at the Shrine Circus for a local slave labor group that reminded me of the Fratelli’s from the 1985 film “Goonies!” CREEPY! Anyway, that was my introduction into the food world. Selling all the Fair favorites of the time to an array of customers throughout the year until I went to High School. I was a trumpet and a saxophone major in college. And I was a dishwasher at Pittsburg State Kansas at a local Cantina Mexican restaurant. I hurt my lip one summer in a town we lived in called McPherson one party night. That stopped my musical career ambitions, and then made a quick decision with my mother’s pressure to change to Dietetics at Kansas State University. Read more>>

Moon Glasgow Brown

I am a Black queer mother, a spouse, a poet, activist, organizer, a healer who is healing, a free-spirited soul that is unapologetically proud of who I am. I was 19 years old by the time I became a mother to three amazing daughters. I was told that I wouldn’t amount to anything, that It would be impossible for me to succeed. I was in a marriage that didn’t fit my identity, my needs, or my goals in life. Despite the fact of being a young mother I aspired to change the world and leave a legacy. I came out to my daughters first when they were really young. I tried my best to explain to them who I was and where my life was heading which meant big changed for them. The disheartening part was that people began to tell them that I was a bad person because of my identity. I fought through that and began to become unapologetically myself in any space. I struggled my way through school, work, and raising them. My first major was theatre and I was chastised for that choice because “I had kids and that’s not a lucrative career.” Read more>>

Emily Butler

Dwelling began when two people met by what could only be fate in real estate class, of all places. After very quickly falling in love, they grew closer every day by working side by side in the kitchen. Creating and sharing meals together naturally became their favorite pastime. Thanks to their creativity and passion, it seemed to never get old. From this, an idea was born to change the restaurant scene in Kansas City. Our goal is to bring the most creative and motivated chefs to your very own kitchen. We create a fine dining experience in the luxury of your Dwelling. We can accommodate anything from a large dinner party to an intimate occasion. Read more>>

Ms. Jay Jarrett

My journey to today has been one filled with “by-way-ofs”. I am Kansas City born raised but life sent me to a few other cities before making my way back home. After graduating from college at Southwest Missouri State, I moved back to Kansas City and began working at KPRS as an on air personality. My talents then took me to Jacksonville FL as a cohost on a top 40 morning show. Now, I loooooved what I did, but I needed even more of a creative outlet. So I began working at a local cookie shop and learned how to decorate custom cookies. It was fun and put a little change in my pockets, but was never intended to be anything more. A few years later I moved to Houston TX for another career opportunity and thought nothing more about it. In 2017, I had an opportunity to move back to Kansas City working for a Litigation Consulting Firm. This move put me back into contact with a childhood friend who now owns Dainty Cakes. We were chatting one day and she expressed her inability to find a local black owned custom cookie company to collaborate with for some of her orders. I mentioned my past experience and the idea blossomed from there. Read more>>

Collin and Meghan Funkhouser

We started pet sitting 10 years ago as a way to earn extra money while going to graduate school. We have moved two times across different states and started the business new each time. Since then, Funky Bunch Pet Care has grown and expanded beyond what we had imagined. Read more>>

Stephanie Miller and Patrick Froman

Patrick and I have been best friends since 2008 when we both worked retail. He worked on the corporate side for a large fast fashion company and I was the store manager at a stationery and gift store. We both were really ready for a change, and one night in 2016 we were like, “what if we put our backgrounds together and created a store unlike any other in KC?!” We wanted to combine all the things we love: Political and Pop culture products, well made gifts and scents, paper goods, vintage, and well curated, spaces. We wanted to create a whole store and lifestyle experience: a safe space where everyone feels heard and welcome. And since this planning was right after the 2016 election we knew we couldn’t be quiet about our beliefs and our stance. We set out to look for makers all over the country who came from all backgrounds – focusing especially on small brands and makers who gave back to organizations we believed in. And then we quit our jobs and decided to “make Fetch happen!” Read more>>

Matt McCoy

I have always wanted to use the gift of encouragement God has given me to inspire others. 12 years ago I was working from home and I thought to myself, I’m not having an impact on anyone’s life. I have to do something.” I looked over in the corner of my office and saw my guitar leaned up against the wall. I instantly thought, that’s it! I know a few chords that I can teach! At that time YouTube was not very popular but I still figured it is the only place I know to start. I posted a few tutorials on worship songs I liked to play and the feedback was more than I ever could have imagined! I still didn’t know much on the guitar but continued to teach as much as I could. while I was trying to learn more myself. It still amazes me how if you take what tools you have and ask God to use them He will. Today I try to use my energy in videos to encourage people to play music and go throughout their day with a smile on their face. Read more>>

Nicole LaVine

Above all else, I am a storyteller. It’s not the way most mindset coaches introduce themselves. Admittedly, the two roles seem vastly different until we take a closer look at the commonality between storytelling and healing. Maya Angelou said it best in her famous quote: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Groundbreaking research of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and Depression are highlighting the psychological and even biological impacts of belief and thinking patterns. The more we understand about the function and shortcuts of the mind (such as how PTSD changes the physical structure of the brain), the more reasons we find to prioritize mental health from both preventative and perspective positions. While many find relief and a sense of direction from therapy, others are turning toward the industry of life coaching as an alternative. Read more>>

Taylor Jackson

I have always been the type of person to think outside of the box and have always had creative ideas. I went to school for psychology, but I knew I had a passion for just being creative. Whether it was with my style, my hair and even projects in school I had to always express myself and do something no one else would expect me to do. With press-on nails I am able to use my creative and unique style to create wearable art and I love it! I started my business in September of 2020 and I am happy to say that I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary. POLISHEDt Babes is my baby and I looking forward to seeing where it takes me!. Read more>>

Carter Gaskins

I was always an artist. I use to draw portraits of different celebrities and family members in my younger grade school days. This was the way that I dealt with my anxiety and depression from being bullied. So the artist was always in me. I lost my father in 2009 from kidney disease and was in a depression that was hard to get out of in life. The only hobby that came be life was drawing and motorcycle riding. In 2010, I met my wife. She inspired me to take my artistic skill to another level and bought me a tattoo kit. I was a tattoo artist from 2010 to 2013. In 2011, we lost a child at birth. There were no photos of our son, which hurt us even more that we did not have that memory. During this time, I was still going through past trauma, and my wife moved to Lawrence, KS, to pursue a spiritual lifestyle and schooling in 2012. After all the depression, I decided to move to Lawrence, KS, and instead of being a tattoo artist, I bought a camera. In 2014, my beautiful wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter. Read more>>

Exurt Beatz

In high school, I started writing poems that later evolved into song lyrics. Shortly after high school, I got in contact with Rapper/Producer in my hometown Stockton California who went by the name of Originality. He helped me record my 1st couple songs. After working with him, I got in contact with Rapper/Battle Rapper Okwerdz of Stockton and began recording more music at his studio. Around 03 /04 I started making my own beats with FL Studio 4.1 and began my process of becoming a producer. In 2011, I began focusing more on producing than making actual songs and created the moniker “ExurtBeatz” and the slogan “ExurtBeatz BABY!!!”. Since then, have been working on my craft. Due to my positive vibes and strong work ethic, I have acquired many great contacts. Read more>>

Max James

I’ve been a trumpet player since elementary school, and when I was about 10 or 11, I started developing an ear for similarities in different pieces of music. I can distinctly remember hearing a track by Gorillaz called ‘Left Hand Suzuki Method’ where they sampled a violinist playing “Long, Long Ago,” something I had been playing in one of my early music learning books. Combining two genres like that had fascinated me, and that piqued my interest in sampling. As my tastes and knowledge of music developed, I started noticing tracks from different genres sharing key signatures, and similar tempos – this was where I began mixing songs in Audacity, a free program used for editing audio. After a few years of this, friends in high school would offer me the opportunity to play their birthday parties, graduations. Read more>>

Dianejili Dookhie

About four years ago, I moved from Guyana to Brooklyn, New York with my mother. Then about 2 years ago I moved all the way to the University of Kansas. Here I study Architecture with a Minor in Psychology. I have always loved Social media, growing up I remember wanting to be like a Youtuber and be able to use Social Media in a creative way. As really a way to be creative and develop photography skills. When COVID hit, I decided to take the first step in order to work on developing my channels, especially Instagram. As a result of this effort, I have been able to work with some amazing companies, such as On Campus Marketing, Boxed Water, Prime Student, Victoria Secret PINK, Bumble, etc. I am so passionate about social media and the way in which it can really help you to network and better develop your skills. Read more>>

Edgar Colomba

I moved from Puerto Rico to Kansas City after hurricane Mary hit the island in 2017. I always felt passion for business since I was a kid. I remember telling my mom crazy ideas and how I was going to be a millionaire ( hopefully one day). I was always involved in businesses, my dad had a food spot in my hometown, I used to work with him, serving food to people and running the business (I was 12 years old). High School was not a good stage for me, I was not a good student, for some reason teachers did not like me at all. One day one my teachers told me I was not going to be successful in life. That day my life changed completely ( for good ). I think of that moment almost every day, it is still very clear in my head. But thanks to that moments is why I keep pushing, trying and working hard every day. I always knew I did not want to be a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. It’s hard to explain that to your parents when they have been expecting you to become one of those one day. Read more>>

Gina Hayes

I have always loved fashion and beauty. I thought a boutique would be the way to go after graduation. Once I graduated from Kansas State, I worked a few years in retail. During that time I felt I was ready to spread my wings and leave my hometown. I decided to move to Kansas City. Five years later I had gotten married, had two children and was raising them as a single parent. I chose to settle down in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. My children received an excellent education in the RVII school district. We became members of New Generation Christian Center, also located in Lee’s Summit. The past 20 plus years, I have worked for a major manufacturing company. At different times I worked three jobs, many job titles and many long hours. I finally landed in the Quality Assurance Department. During this time, I would travel to a different city to purchase African American hair care products. African American products were not available in Lee’s Summit, at that time. Read more>>

Poonam Khatri

Growing up, I was always drawn to creating, whether it was a greeting card, pottery, or a sketch. I suppose my affinity for art and creating comes from my parents: my mom- who could be found stitching clothes for her kids or making decorative accents for the home, and my dad-a fixer upper guy and photographer. Today I follow my parents’ footsteps as a DIY-er, and running a small business from my home along with my primary job as a speech-language pathologist. When I did start making wreaths, they were merely a means to preoccupy myself during the pandemic and my IVF journey. However, my wreath-making became an addiction and soon there were more wreaths in my possession than I could use. I started putting them up for sale on Facebook Marketplace. I was pleased with the response I was getting through buyers. Eventually, I ran out of wreaths to sell, but there was still demand for them so I continued creating. Read more>>

Shannon Johnson

The desire to take photographs has been strong since I was in grade school. I would always take disposable cameras with the winding flash to capture memories throughout the school year. All my friends knew they could count on me to be the photographer no matter the occasion. I have photo albums full of pictures I took during that special time in my life. I’ve been fortunate enough to transition with technology where my cameras are concerned and upgraded to the one I use today which helps me to do what I love. I was not always so sure of being a professional photographer. I initially purchased my camera because I wanted to be a vlogger or a YouTube sensation helping women to see the value in themselves regardless of the decisions they’ve made, unfortunate circumstances they’ve experienced or their relationship status. As I continued to produce content for my channel, I realized it was not giving me the joy I hoped it would. So, I transitioned into photography as a hobby and did not realize how much I would love it! I absolutely adore how much beauty I can create while behind the lens. Read more>>

Andrea Marie Long

I’m a fashion designer, stylist, and artist from Kansas City who has been creating clothing and fashion moments for ten years as Andrea Marie Long Designs. I’ve always loved the power of fantasy and how clothing can create magic for the wearer. Growing up, I lived for theater and storytelling and majored in Theatre Design, specifically Costume Design, at the University of Kansas. I worked on dozens of plays as a costume designer, stitcher, and on wardrobe during and after college. After a few years of doing theatre costuming, I had the opportunity to travel and work abroad in South Korea as a teacher. Being inspired by their day-to-day expression through fashion, seeing what was possible beyond what my midwest brain could comprehend, I decided to shift my focus to fashion instead of theatre. Since moving back in 2011, I’ve participated in 20 plus fashion shows and 20 plus pop-up events, dozens of photoshoots, personally styled clients, constructed custom design garments, and more. Read more>>

Riley Corbin

I began exploring the world of photography in high school, learning all the basics. From using the camera, to learning the tools in photoshop, becoming familiar behind the camera. My dad picked up photography as a hobby when I was in middle school & I constantly found myself fascinated by the mechanics behind it all. Capturing one moment in time to be able to look back on in years ahead. I’ve always found myself drawn back to photography even when life took me down different paths. After working a full time job, not feeling like I’m reaching my creative potential, I began exploring the idea of trying out some free lance photography as a side gig. My dad passed down his camera gear & off to the races I went. It started as offering my services for free to friends & family. I began primarily focused around shooting children and family (it’s the pre-k teacher in me- I’m a kid person what can I say) then slowing progressing into couples and lifestyle shoots. I landed my first wedding gig within one year of promoting myself, followed by dozens of family sessions, engagements, senior pictures, the list goes on and on. Read more>>

Brianne Cunningham

I am an elementary teacher during the day and love laughing and learning with my kids! Obviously, being a teacher is fulfilling, but I found myself searching for a way I could share my passions, connect with other like-minded people, and be my authentic self. Instagram was the place that I shared and connected with family and friends for over a decade. I finally realized it could be the creative outlet I’d been searching for. I shifted my mindset and content and have never looked back! Last year when someone shared the quote, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will,” I decided to get out of my own way and take the next step. I needed something that I owned and built that I was in complete control of. My lifestyle blog went live a month later! Read more>>

Melissa Guzman

I owe my career to life experiences. My love for events came early during my childhood. Birthday parties were always a big deal in my home. My mom made sure I had a themed birthday every year and the photos to cherish for a lifetime. She was, and still is, a very creative person so a lot of what I’ve learned has come from her. I had my own children in 2010 and 2011 when I began to dabble in photography. I was able to capture my daughters’ little smiles and silly facial expressions and look back at those images year after year. Photos are priceless, and I wanted to share my new talent with others. I took some time to learn under other photographers local to Kansas City as well as through online mentoring programs. I booked my first wedding in 2013 and have been in the event industry ever since. Read more>>

Marie Gronberg

I’m most proud of being a wife of 14 years to a supportive and loving husband and mom of two amazing boys. My story starts with how I was raised and saw both sets of grandfathers and entrepreneurs work hard in different service industries to support their families and my parents. My mother grew up on a farm in Abilene, Kansas and I have fond memories of visiting with my younger four brothers to ride the tractor and pick out the ripe watermelons, cantaloupes, and honeydew melons my grandfather would sell. The other side was my father’s large Italian family in which my grandfather started a company in Kansas City called Anthony Plumbing in 1951. My father worked alongside my grandfather assisting and learning the trade. Later he become a mechanical engineer and bought Anthony Plumbing with my uncle. He then expanded and started his own commercial plumbing and HVAC company called D’Agostino Mechanical Contractors in 1999. I have seen how hard work and integrity grows a reputation and business. Read more>>

Mike Dotson

I want to start off by saying if anyone says to be a photographer….Go ahead and ask them if they are joking…you can be frank and go ahead and be honest with you….You’re tough right! Just messing with you all But no you ain’t getting rich. Most people nowadays don’t need a photographer when they have a cellphone with a million giga-peta-pixels right? So I got started years ago really just shooting my kids with a point and shoot. I always wanted to get better photos than what I was getting so you know like everyone says “It must mean I have to have better gear-its got to be the gear holding me back-So I bought my first DSLR and went to town. I started branching out and shooting anything that stood still long enough for me to shoot it…..until I could shoot them when they ran away from me as well!. Read more>>

Beth Wiese

Like a lot of other great entrepreneurial stories, mine starts with a who, not a what. The most incredible woman I’ve ever met happens to also be my mom. She was a female engineer long before it was trendy, she had a creative mind that could create a solution to every problem, and a heart that had room for everyone she met. I grew up watching her pitch ideas to local businesses, have brain storming parties with her friends, and work harder than I had ever seen any other person work. I aspired to be just like her and because of her, I pursued my career in engineering. In 2011, right before my high school graduation, my mom lost her battle with ovarian cancer. In one of our last conversations, she had me promise to move on and achieve great things and because of this, carrying on my mom’s legacy, problem solving, and love for life is the motivation that drives me in times that feel stagnant. Read more>>

Kelly Rosch

Our goal with is to change the world one collar. one walk. one conversation at a time. Our four legged friends are much better at breaking down social barriers than we are as humans, and the collars are a natural way to start a conversation that otherwise may not have happened. We didn’t want to stop there ,though, so 10% of all of our collars give back to non-profit organizations that are making a difference in people’s lives everyday. As a company, we started selling collars in late 2020, but the concept actually came about a few months earlier after the death of George Floyd. After his death I went to a socially distant, peaceful protest in Overland Park, KS that was both pet and kid friendly. One person had their dog with them and people would stop to pet the dog starting most of our conversations with individuals. I wanted to create a way to replicate that on an ongoing basis to keep the conversation going about the importance of equality, in all senses of the word. When I searched the market there were no collars boldly stating what causes they supported. I figured if other companies weren’t going to make a difference than I would… and thus Puptivism was born. Read more>>

Leslie Hogan

I worked in the legal field from 1991 to 2013 as a litigation paralegal and gained extensive experience in conflict resolution, contracts, mediation and real estate. In 2013 I decided to enter the real estate world as an agent and hit the ground running selling over 2 million my first year. I was asked to become an agent trainer and coach while I continued to be a listing and buyers agent for my clients. In March of 2020, I was asked to interview for the managing broker/vice president position of ReeceNichols Parkville and was hired. I have been leading my team of 84 agents since March of 2020 and helped grow the Parkville office by 213%. Read more>>

Robert Meiers

Elevation Brands is a full-service Marketing Communications and Ad Agency that serves growth and challenger brands, independent businesses and non-profit organizations from our offices in Kansas City and Oklahoma City. We are focused on delivering comprehensive strategic marketing communications solutions to our clients across brand development, social media, website design & development, content development and mobile app marketing. Read more>>

Kannabis Club

I (Disco Don) started Kannabis Club as a final project for my music business class at KCKCC in 2016 where I was earning my degree as an Audio Engineer. I had already been recording and performing as a solo artist for many years, and started collaborating with the same few artists over and over. This led to the idea of forming a supergroup, where we could tour and record under one familiar name. Although the group acts more like a collective, core members include myself (Disco Don), Mr. Bob, Newsclips, Caligula, and TokeNFlow. We performed at numerous local venues in the summer of 2017, and received an award for Best Group in the Kansas City Music Awards. Kannabis Club is spelled with a “K” to represent Kansas City, or KC, which is abbreviated in our logo. We’ve been nominated in The Pitch awards for the past three years as Best Local Band, and in the 2021 Kansas City Magazine’s Best of KC for Best Local Band and Best Local Hip Hop. The music is always the most important thing to us, but we also like to support the full marijuana legalization movement in any ways we can. Read more>>

Ashley Pfister

Born and raised in a small town in Southeast Nebraska, where I left in 2004 and attended the University of Nebraska- Lincoln…GO BIG RED!!..and graduated with a Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising and Minor in Marketing. After graduation, I married the love of my life and moved quite a few times with the three kiddos and finally have made a home for us in St. Joseph, MO. I got involved with photography while staying home with the littles and realized that I enjoyed capturing those special moments. My cousin booked me for her wedding and it all snowballed from there. I have been doing photography for about 4 years now…still fresh, still learning new things everyday. I currently dabble in a little bit of everything…family, seniors, and weddings. I have started venturing into the Kansas City market within the last year…which has also been the craziest year yet. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me and I hope to continue to share all of your special moments with YOU!. Read more>>

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